These consist of small brackets bonded to each of the teeth. Running through the brackets is an arch wire which gradually straightens the teeth over the course of your orthodontic treatment.

metal braces

Clear braces

These are made out of clear ceramic to blend in with the colour of your teeth, creating a more aesthetic appearance. You will still require a metal wire to run through these brackets, but they are more inconspicuous than your traditional metal braces. Clear braces are also slightly smaller and more comfortable than the metal braces.


Metal braces

Metal braces are what you see most children with and are more cost effective than the clear braces. At Clear Orthodontic Studio, we use the ‘self-ligating’ brackets, which are the ‘modern day’ version of braces. This means that there is no need for the elastic bands to hold the wire into the brackets.  This can result in faster treatment time and less adjustment appointments.

metal braces

Advantages of braces

  • Highly effective at treating most cases
  • They are better for closing large spaces or extraction sites
  • They are not removable, so the teeth are continually moving throughout treatment

If your child is not quite ready for braces, we also provide early orthodontic treatment with a variety of appliances.

To find out the best suitable treatment for yourself or child, please call us to make a consultation appointment with our specialist orthodontist.

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