How we Use technology advances in our orthodontic assessment and treatment

Advances in technology have significantly changed the way we practice orthodontics. With advances in 3D scanning, remote dental monitoring and clear aligner treatment the orthodontic journey is much quicker,  cleaner and easier. 

3D oral scanners

3D oral scanners easily create digital scans of your teeth without radiation. These highly accurate images allow your orthodontist to plan and implement treatment with precision. Rather than the orthodontist estimating teeth movement and progression, we are now able to use digital technologies to create a personalised treatment prescription, meaning you are able to achieve more predictable results in less time. When you book in for your complimentary assessment at Clear Orthodontic Studio we take a 3D scan of your teeth and provide you with a 3D simulation of what your teeth could look like after aligner treatment.


Remote Dental Monitoring

Remote dental monitoring allows your orthodontic team to track your teeth’s movement without the need for as many appointments. It uses an app compatible with your smartphone, to upload photos to your orthodontic team. The weekly scans are very simple and take less than a minute. We then match the scans against your treatment plan to ensure your progress is tracking as it should. We communicate with our patients, reminding them to change aligners, increase wear time, replace an attachment and monitor their brushing and cleaning.  If anything is observed in the scans that is unexpected, we will make an appointment as required for your personal journey.

Dental monitoring helps patients to:

  • Improve self confidence
  • Receive treatment updates from anywhere, ensuring Invisalign treatment doesn’t get in the way of school, travel or work
  • Reduce treatment time with more regular ‘check-ups’ via the weekly scans
  • Ensure treatment is on track with their prescribed 3D digital treatment plan
  • Keep in touch with their orthodontist about any issues or concerns with the treatment (messages can be sent directly to their orthodontic team via the app)
  • Take more ownership for their Invisalign treatment

The benefits of technological advances in our practice of orthodontic work speak for itself. Here at Clear Orthodontics, we are dedicated to using these technologies to provide you with a simpler, and less invasive option for your orthodontic treatment, that is more compatible with your busy life. To discuss your orthodontic journey, you can book a consultation with one of our friendly staff members. You can also learn more about the importance of orthodontics and alignment by downloading our free eBook.