Our guide to getting the best results from your scan

Dental Monitoring is an innovation that we are using for our Invisalign patients and it could not have come to Australia at a better time. With your phone and the portable tools we provide, our Invisalign patients can receive personalised treatment advice and monitoring without needing as many in-office visits to our studio. It is also very convenient should you be in isolation or lockdown during Covid

  • Know when to change your Invisalign trays
  • Have a conversation with your orthodontist
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Monitor your Invisalign treatment progress from anywhere

Of course, we still need to see your smiling faces at Clear Orthodontic Studio, but not as often.

How Dental Monitoring works

Our website has a detailed guide to how Dental Monitoring technology works with Invisalign treatment. You can read all about it here, but in short:

  • Our Clear Orthodontic Studio team sets you up with the Dental Monitoring app, ScanBox and cheek retractors.
  • You will take and upload regular selfies of your teeth through the app
  • Our team monitors your progress

The technology is easy to use for anyone familiar with smartphones, but you can always schedule an appointment or give us a call if you need a refresher.

1. Your smartphone with the Dental Monitoring app
Dental Monitoring is an application you download onto your existing smartphone. The app is available on the Google Play store (for Android) and the Apple store (for iOS, including iPod Touch and iPad).

2. ScanBox
The next piece of hardware you need is the Dental Monitoring ScanBox. Featuring a stable smartphone holder and comfortable cushioning, ScanBox aligns your phone’s camera for accurate scanning.
Scanning your smile takes less than two minutes and there are audio instructions to guide you. Once you have uploaded your images to Clear Orthodontic Studio through the Dental Monitoring app, we will analyze these using AI and communicate with you on your progress and when to change into your next Invisalign aligner.

3. Cheek retractor
The Dental Monitoring cheek retractor is designed to draw your lips away from your teeth for a clearer scan. It should feel comfortable and be the right size to show all your teeth.
When we provide the ScanBox and cheek retractor, we will guide you through using them safely and comfortably, so you get great scan results in a matter of minutes.

Make the most of this new technology

Dental Monitoring is an innovative accompanying tool for Invisalign treatment. Here at Clear Orthodontic Studio, we are seeing great responses to this technology because it can make treatment faster, more flexible and with less in-person visits.
Book a free assessment or call Clear Orthodontic Studio to find out more about Invisalign technology or Dental Monitoring.