If you’re not familiar with the work orthodontists do, it can be difficult to determine why you should see an orthodontist, or whether orthodontic treatment is right for you. But the fact of the matter is, there is no right or wrong answer to the question ‘why should I see an orthodontist’. The answer is as unique to each person as their smile is, and reasons for seeking treatment are many and varied. 

Why seek orthodontic treatment?

There are many reasons people seek orthodontic treatment, this includes:  wanting to improve their self-confidence; difficulty with brushing and flossing; an increased risk of decay; and at risk of injury to teeth that stick out or have trouble chewing or speaking. The goal of orthodontic treatment is not only limited to alignment of teeth and correction of bites. Teeth provide structure and support for the lips and cheeks and help define your face. When an orthodontist designs your smile all of these factors are considered, ensuring that you have a beautiful smile and are able to age confidently.

Research has found that facial attractiveness affects interpersonal success, particularly in school and employment settings, with dental features playing a large part in this area. In particular the appearance of the teeth and the smile. Orthodontic treatment has been found to significantly improve individuals’ body-image and confidence, as well as making teeth easier to clean. So, whether investing in your own smile, or that of your child it is certainly worth doing well.

Benefits of orthodontic treatment

  • Improve self confidence
  • Correct bad bites that can damage teeth and gums
  • Correct protruding or misaligned teeth
  • Correct gaps in your smile and teeth
  • Make cleaning teeth much easier, therefore protecting your teeth from decay and the issues that come with that 
  • Help define your face
  • Improve speech, breath and/or chewing difficulties
  • Improved misaligned jaws, which then impacts your facial profile
  • An orthodontist can also help in the diagnosis and management of obstructive sleep apnoea and can help manage persistent thumb and finger sucking habits in children

Here at Clear Orthodontic Studio  we are committed to providing each and every one of our patients  with the highest standard of care, no matter your reasoning for seeking orthodontic treatment. To book an assessment with one of our friendly staff members, contact us today. Alternatively, you can learn more about the benefits of seeing an orthodontist by reading our free eBook.